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Old 07-02-2012, 07:57 PM
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I've been smiling a lot during these last few days because I got some good news from rory but I'll let her tell you the news herself.

Today I had an interesting conversation with Bob, it gave me much to think about. We talked about our feelings and whether we would consider each other possible partners if the situation was different. He said that he likes me and appreciates my personality but thinks that he probably wouldn't fall in love with me because I lack something that his previous loves and current one have in common: bitchyness. So I'm not bitchy enough for him! That's actually really nice to hear because that's something I really don't want to be and if that's what he's into, then I'm not what he's into. I tried to get him to clarify what he means with bitchyness but I didn't really get a clear picture what he meant, but I can't imagine it being something that I would be or like to be. I also told him that I'm not sure he would be emotional enough for me. We had just talked about that in a previous discussion when he said that he just doesn't feel that much in general. He has been and is now in love (with his gf), but he thinks that even the feeling of love isn't that big for him, it's just a feeling among others. I'm not sure he would deal well with my constant conversations and analysis about emotions. Still, after all that we concluded that... there is something special here and you never know. Situations change all the time and maybe in another time and place there is a chance for us. But now we accept the situation as it is: we're going our separate ways in two months. Oh and he and his gf changed their minds about moving. He was supposed to move to his gf's country but instead they now decided that she is moving to him. They will be moving to a different city though, so he isn't staying in my home town. (rory: they're moving to where you used live too before moving to Wonderland)
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