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Old 06-26-2012, 02:03 PM
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Thanks for pointing that out, Magdlyn!

I didn't mean "just stop" like turn it off. My dad is OCD, BPD, and PTSD. I know once he's on the train it's hard to get off. I tell him all the time to just stop -- spot!

I was assuming OP was on her meds and doing her therapies. And it's become habit here in my fam to help dad that way so I had to realize not everyone speaks our family short hand.

Anyway, part of his therapies is attending a group recovery class to help him "just stop -- spot!" The "spotting" they teach him to do follows a pattern.

1) STOP! Freeze! No working self up!

2) Take note what situation is causing the thing. What you feel in that moment. What is that?

3) Then apply one of the techniques to better deal with the "whoosh!" that happens.

I explain it badly but here's the main link.


Eko, I do not know if it would help you in addition to the therapies you already do or if you have a local chapter nearby. There's some of the handouts and videos on the website for explaining "stop and spot!"[/URL] The links are in the quick links box.

But that's another idea. I do mean it like Magdlyn puts it here (bold mine):

So, to be able to feel strong enough, being able to stand up straight in an H configuration, means you need to take care of yourself. See a dr, get meds, therapy... you might always be wired to have OCD, but meds can quiet the worst case scenario thoughts quite a bit. And the neediness, the constant quest for reassurance, the hopeless feelings.
Take care of your stuff, take care of you. You own your own bag, YKWIM? You don't have to do it ALONE, but you do have to it for your own health betterment. You care for you by calling pros to help you, doing your therapies, owning your STUFF. Good luck!


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