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Old 06-24-2012, 01:39 AM
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Question Time Limit...

Well, we have been together almost 8 months and the one partner had a break down, almost wanting to end everything and go back to it being him and the other partner, as i joined the relationship.

The other parter made it very clear it will never go back to the way it was... as he was not happy and i make him happier than he has ever been. It made it clear that if the three of us do not work, that we may all end up single or him and i together.

The partner who had a meltdown is feeling like he is being replaced, as i am more affectionate and am willing to share it equally but he pushes me away. The parter who accepts it, i give it to and he enjoys it ( snuggling, handing holding, sex, anything)

So after crying for days all of us, talking though this, the partner who had the blow up turns it on and off.... i am making as many emotional deposits into him as i can and trying to make him happy and bring back our spark. I try and try to give him affection, i tell him i love him and he will no longer say it, but just says i know and i care for you.

So.. this coming weekend Thrus- monday night, i am taking some time off work, taking him on a date alone on friday to the zoo, which he loves animals, then all three of us out to dinner. I told him we could do what ever he wants, and friday night we can all snuggle up and watch a movie together, that he wants.

I told the parter who is happy with me and I'm happy with that there is a ticking time clock. i can not keep giving deposits, and not getting them... I'm sick of crying and doing all the work here...i am willing to take off my ring, gather my things, and say my final goodbye if i do not hear the one parter tell me he loves me again by monday...

am i stepping over the line here ???
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