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Old 06-15-2012, 09:14 PM
PinkDragon PinkDragon is offline
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I hear ya about living in the belt buckle! I live about an hour NE of Dallas. Rather small town (pop. ~9000), my husband owns the second oldest business in the county, I play piano at my church (besides my family there are two people there that know I'm bi, only sister and BIL know about poly).

Both Bear and I have profiles on OKC. I unclicked the button that allows straight people to see me so that I could message Bear. Gah. I am now OVERRUN with guys telling me how great my boobs are.

Sorry, I digress.

Do you a profile, don't let straight people see you, and just start sending thoughtful, conversation provoking messages to women who catch your interest. I am having nice conversations with women from all over the US and so is Bear. Neither of us are looking for any other relationships right now, so we haven't pursued any of our chatting buddies in that manner, but that is a good way to start.

IRL no one just walks up and says, "Hey, baby, you're hot, wanna f***?" Well, unless they want to get slapped, right? So, just strike up conversations, treat people nicely, and if you feel a spark, pursue it : )

Coffee houses are also nice for meeting people : ) And bookstores. I've struck up conversations with people in lots of bookstores!

OKC is where we met Lovely.
Pinky, 41, f, bi. Married to Bear, 42, m, straight.
Not dating anyone right now.

I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity.--EAP
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