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Old 06-11-2012, 06:14 PM
ginko ginko is offline
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Default Hello from the south east United States

Hello all.

I'm from a liberal college town in a conservative part of the country. I've been with my husband for 4.5 years and we have been open for the last year. I've been dating my boyfriend for about a year and my husband has had a girlfriend for about 8 months. We all get along fairly well, with the main issues being that we tend to be 30 miles away from our secondaries; and we all have different work schedules.

We are also fairly active on our local poly meetup, trying to create more social places so we can form a support community and make friends with interesting folks.
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Old 06-11-2012, 06:57 PM
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Welcome to the forum, from a fellow resident of the Southeast!

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge" - Charles Darwin

"Mystical explanations are considered deep. The truth is that they are not even superficial." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Old 06-11-2012, 08:29 PM
ginko ginko is offline
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Thank you!

I like your SN and logo. I just finished listening to the latest Skeptics' Guide to the Universe.
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Old 06-11-2012, 10:30 PM
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Hello ginko,
Welcome to our forum.

It sounds like you have gotten a sound and healthy start in polyamorous living, and it's awesome that you're involved in your local poly community.

Hope you enjoy your stay with this online community as well! I'm glad to meet you.

Kevin T.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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