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Old 11-30-2009, 04:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
Now that I see Mono's quote:

It seems pretty clear that he is talking about his own personal viewpoint and showing what may have influenced him to see things in a certain way. He is not saying all monogamous people see things this way. From his personal experience, he sees this as an influence. In effect, it sounds like he is saying "In my mono mind..."
And I would still call that to task. It's fine to have a personal opinion on something, but to attribute an opinion that has nothing to do with the things that monogamy addresses to a person's own mono wiring is not only making a larger definition of what being wired mono is, but it is attaching all sorts of inaccurate assumptions to that definition. So it's not the opinion being called into question- it's the stated fact that such opinions are being driven by monogamous wiring that I'm disputing.

As I said earlier, that kind of reasoning creates an artificial divide between mono and poly people. Saying things like "Of course you can't understand, you're not wired mono" just makes that divide even bigger. My motivations are not to lambaste Mono for having an opinion. My motivations are to shrink the divides that exist between mono and poly people because of such flawed reasoning, regardless of how generally accepted that reasoning may be.
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