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Old 05-27-2012, 07:22 AM
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Default Gay couple with bisexual man interested in me, a straight woman?

Hello! This is only my 2nd thread on this forum. (The other one was about possibly being targeted as a third by a straight couple.)

Well, now, I think I am possibly being targeted by a bi or bi-curious man in a committed relationship with another man.

These men have been friends of mine for years. We are close and get along fabulously. I have started to think of them both as my "gay boyfriends". We have all been through a lot together, and the possibly bi fellow in question gives me a lot of credit for helping him advance in some key areas in his life. He came right out and gave me credit verbally for some of these transformations.

Well, we've always talked pretty openly about sex. But lately, the guy who seems interested is being pretty directly flirtatious with me, and he recently referred to me as his "unofficial girlfriend". And then his partner talked about how if we "tried something" when he wasn't around, he wouldn't be threatened by it or have a problem with it. They also both mentioned several times that day that they think "experimentation" is healthy and good.

I admit that I am attracted to this guy, but I have never crossed any lines because I value my friendship with both of them tremendously. I would never betray their trust in any way. I am curious about trying something physical with him, but I would be perfectly fine being friends only for life.

I guess what I'm wondering right now is: how do I know if they are wanting it to "go there"? Should I just wait and see if they give more signals? Should I drop some hints of my own? Anyone been in this kind of situation before?

I talked to a straight guy friend of mine about this, and told him the whole story, and he said, "Yeah, that guy is bi, and he totally wants you." I feel so naive sometimes.


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