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Old 05-24-2012, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
Could this be where they realized that they are in a different place in life than you are, realized they could possibly be sending you signals they didn't want to send you, and backed off?

I'm a flirtatious person. Naturally. I flirt with almost everyone, regardless of relationship status, age (okay, too young and I don't), gender, sex, orientation, etc. I flirt. The only times that I reel it in are when 1) I know the person or that person's SO(s) would be upset or made uncomfortable by it, 2) I see my flirting causing any real interest when I know I have none, 3) it would affect the professional standing of myself or the person with whom I'm interacting, and then there are probably a couple of other situations, but you get the drift. It has to be obvious that it is inappropriate to get me to stop flirting.

Just an idea.
Yes. It could be that. Especially, it's mostly E that's flirting, and it took me a while to decide that it seemed like anything more than just joking around...

It is odd that thinking about that is actually a little comforting? I'd much rather it just be that I'm impatient, they really do like me, and just have it work out perfectly... but at least this would mean it's not all "in my head". And I'm not even sure why that should be such a big deal to me, if it doesn't effect the outcome...

There's still some stuff that doesn't add up though. I'll have to either wait it out or suck it up-and-ask.

Also, I found it really funny when you said you're usually not interested in 30-somethings on OKC, but in real life you are. I am kind of like that with people in their upper 30s and 40-somethings. lol (I'm 23, by the way, to give you an idea of the age difference for me vs. you as an 18 year old )
I don't know what it is! But it's neat to know I'm not the only one, lol
Omnisexual. (I am attracted to males, females, and any variation/in-between/lack thereof, but I am not "gender blind" which most pansexuals describe themselves as.)
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Old 05-25-2012, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by samines View Post
Now, why would dating a single person my own age be more fun than dating *two* people I already like? You "normal" people make no sense sometimes...
That's funny... Given my current situation, I would hardly call myself "Normal". And based on my own "normal" experiences over many years, I just know there are choices I'd probably make differently if given the chance.

Anyways, I never meant that you had to date a single person your own age, I just meant that it didn't have to be a situation so complicated and designed for drama and failure. There is much more fun to be had than worrying about that.

You seem like a bright, articulate, nice person!! I do wish you luck and lots of love in your life! Just remember to have fun with it. There's plenty of time to be serious.
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Old 05-26-2012, 05:03 AM
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There is a huge potential for disaster and drama for the both of them, even if the relationship works perfectly, due to the situation. How long are you going to be in that school? If it's something like a year, I would suggest being close friends for now, and pursuing a relationship once you're not a student there anymore. If it's more like five years... I would give them an option to weigh in on that decision, but expect them to be very cautious.
It's not just the student-teacher thing that could go wrong. In other people's eyes, it would also be adultery. People might ask to change teachers. People might ask to change schools. He could get fired. It could follow him in life forever.
It's a very scary situation, but I hope everything goes right for the three of you. What indications do you have that they're interested in you as you are in them?
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