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Old 11-29-2009, 11:25 PM
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Question He said, She said

I am 100% new to this. I am dating a poly man who has been poly for 17 years. Naturally I have questions...

P hasnt defined any primary/secondary/ect in his relationships. is this normal? Many times P talks about his other girls to each of us, or confuses the things we said or experiences we had with him.

I dont like playing "he said she said" games, they are immature.
I however became friends with P's other girls and sort of confided in them like you would a friend. I dont have any other friends that are girls. One must have said something to P ... I felt betrayed by C for "reporting" to P. I felt really ganged up on.

How do people in poly relationships keep this talk (almost gossip in a way) to a minimum so it doesnt get back to anyone. Maybe my mistake was talking to C before talking to P. Although I talked to P about how i felt earlier and he really didnt seem to change. . . when I had enough I simply asked C for her advice. Have any of you been in similar situations? What to do?

Sometimes P will tell me "C has to tell you something" (or other way around) and it makes me feel rather bad, like I am being talked about...Im probably being very immature and silly, but it does get to me.

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