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Old 05-22-2012, 12:20 AM
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Default Poly and Pregnant.....

Hi, my husband and I have made the switch to a polyamorous lifestyle recently. We are still kinda new to it. We have a 17 mo old baby boy and another on the way!!
He is seeing someone he had a relationship with before we met, and is madly in love with her. =) I am dating someone I met recently and I'm not too sure I can stay with this one....rubs me the wrong way alot of the time.
Recently, I've been having very depressing feelings toward the situation. When I am with my boyfriend, I can't shake the feeling that I am cheating myself, my husband, and my kids. Even though everything is open and consentual. Maybe it's because I feel I am not happy with the boyfriend, but I doubt it. More and more I am finding that it may very well be my pregnancy hormones messing with me, because my "normal self" feels ok with everything. I guess my question is that if anyone out there has dealt with the hormonal moodswings and poly at the same time, how did you do so? How can I deal with these feelings and not back out on a lifestyle that is most fitting for my husband and I?
Please feel free to ask questions if you need clarification or I have left any vital info out.....
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