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Old 05-20-2012, 12:38 PM
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Default Marrone and the brothel

Well, time to add the first new name to my story. I assume that I will talk about her from time to time and it's inconvenient to always talk about her as 'Sward's friend'. I have mentioned her two or three times up to now, she was the one Sward talked to when I visited Lin for the second time and she keeps coming over regularly lately. I will call her Marrone. She reminds me of dark chocolate, has curly, deep brown hair (with a slight red tone from time to time), a nice timbre to her voice and dark brown eyes. I needed to add the 'e' to make the name a bit more feminine for my taste, as the original French word for brown is simply marron (she is half French). I know that this makes the word Italian, but bear with me

So, having said as much, she is a good friend of Sward, they know each other since early childhood, she works in the same field of work as him and they get along great. Both have been interested in each other during their teenage years, but somehow it never happened. Both assuming that the other wouldn't be interested, different times of crushing on each other, occupied with others and so on. They have always been best friends despite not regularly seeing each other over the years. Since our 'poly-thing' started, they have seen each other quite regularly.

We went drinking yesterday evening, as she felt the need to just go out and (as we got to know later) simply talk to someone about her relationship. To give a short overview: She has a partner who lives some hours away from here, they see each other more irregularly than regularly every other week and right now, there has been some kind of pause as he refuses to drive down to visit her. It's some kind of power play. This may sound a bit immature, but honestly, I never got how both of them work relationship-wise. They can argue about who will have to go to the shed to get the gas bottle for the heating for weeks, both freezing in the meantime because no one wants to be the one to give in. As I said, how this may work on a daily basis is a total mystery for me.

But, as it has come to a halt right now, she told us yesterday that she has started an affair with someone from our region. Because there are still needs she intends to please and she feels to be absolutely in the right to handle things the way she does right now, as he refuses to come down to see her. Oh dear, … I really like her, we are totally on the same wavelength normally, but I just shook my head. Lin got really worked up over this and Sward stayed completely silent. Marrone herself noticed that she felt uncomfortable telling us about it, as all of our reactions spoke clearly of disagreement but she said that it was her business.

Well, yes, of course, it is her business, but she asked for our point of view by telling us about it. At least that is how I felt. We didn't argue about it for long, we simply stated that she should think hard about the double standard she is having right there as she would end the relationship the moment she would hear about him doing something along those lines and told her that this wouldn't be the way to a fulfilling, long lasting, quiet and satisfying relationship she was seeking ultimately. Because that is her unfulfilled dream right now, a 'normal' relationship. Something like we have (Yes, we laughed at that point, because, well, aren't we normal and standard? ) It's the second time she cheats on him and seems to believe that he will just overcome it as he did the first time, because he seems to feel at fault in this situation. Really messed up from my point of view... let's see what will come out of it.

The second interesting thing that happened yesterday was that we visited the local brothel. I never have been inside and was always curious how the atmosphere may be. As Sward went there during the bachelor party and talked to the women while my brother in law got his lap dance, they invited him to come again and tell more about the unusual living arrangement we have at home. And to bring his wife and his wife's boyfriend with him. And as I am a really curious person, I took advantage of the situation to have a look inside ^.^ It was dark, mainly red and really cozy. Wood carvings everywhere, timber framing all over the place, many pillows and decoration. Quite a range of women as well, from slender to big, young to old, tiny to tall. The only similarity among them was that most were blond.

Two were really happy to see Sward again and welcomed us full of anticipation to hear our story. It seem to be absolutely unheard and unusual to them. While we told them the gist of everything one of the older ones, not directly sitting with us but in the next compartment, said: “That's just not done!” filled with indignation. Sward and I had to smirk about that, because, I mean, it's kind of strange to see how people from an (in our opinion) even more odd sphere of life can still judge others that adamantly.

I talked to one of them, a woman working as a prostitute for 10 years, being in a relationship with a man for 7 of those, to hear something about the difficulties she discovered in her every day life. She said that they use DADT policy at home. He doesn't want to hear about it, she simply goes to work in the evening and comes home in the morning. And it seem to be manageable like that. I didn't want to inquire her too much, but I will talk to her again, as they insisted on us visiting again to talk some more. I am really curious to hear their stories kind of.
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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