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Old 05-19-2012, 01:40 PM
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Default Just me...

I am a 24 year old bisexual woman in an unexpected monogamous relationship with a married man. I also have an amazingly smart toddler from a past relationship. Let's break this down.

*Previous thought I followed: I enjoyed strange once someone was no longer strange he/she was no longer of interest because I have automatic trust for people I don't know after I get to know someone they aren't strange but the are a friend and is a friendship worth losing over the possibility that things might work....( I understand if my logic doesn't make sense)

I am a former swinger never really wanted a relationship of any kind. In the BDSM community I met men and women who understood I wasn't looking for a relationship. Any thoughts I may have had about getting in a relationship I understood that sex is sex and love is love meaning I could share a significant other physically just not emotionally. When I met DC (him) & DI (her). I was not interested in anything more than friends after he got to know me more he realized that he wanted more than play (they are open to poly but also play with others. After getting to know him he was an awesome friend, I guess you could say I put him in the friend zone).

All of our friends including his wife and her trans gf (MP) thought we should play just once my biggest worry was how things would change. Well to say the least, we went out for xmas (DC, ME, DI, & MP). Something in me decided what the hell I've got nothing to lose I obviously have feelings for him just not sure about this poly thing. Our time spent together grew DI spent more time with MP. Until the day DI blew up when she came home and he wasn't there. This was the day everything changed.

After 17 years of what he feels like she left him on the corner and he's not home he felt as if he was made to choose. To say the least, me and him are monogamous but he is still in love we all live in the same house (2br). To say the least it's complicated.
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