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Old 05-13-2012, 10:48 PM
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Default Going with the flow

This is a repost of my intro, so as not to retype it:

I have been aware of polyamory for a long time. It's hard to be a geek and/or go to sci-fi conventions and not pick up at least a passing knowledge of it's existence. I just never thought that I would have anything to do with it. Well, up until relatively recent times I haven't thought that. I've been married to an absolutely amazing girl for... Heck, I don't know, I'm bad with time. Close to 15 years, I suppose... Never occurred to me there was room in this for anyone else. Don't get me wrong, we could always talk about a pretty girl or guy we saw. It was always on the level of aesthetics, not romance, though.

A few years ago we made a new friend. I took a liking to her, did little favors, got small presents. At one point, I noticed that I am paying more attention to her than to other people, and I asked my wife if she had any problems with this preoccupation I seem to have developed. She said she didn't. We've been getting more and more friendly. Then, the three of us met for coffee, took walks, held hands...

After a little while I took stock of the situation and realized I have to be honest, with myself first and foremost. I love this girl. I also love my wife more than ever. The two of them also have quite an attraction to each other, as well. The weird thing is, my wife was less surprised by this development than I was. Go figure...

We've been taking it kinda slow, seeing how things go and what develops, ever since. Essentially, I'd say we are dating. And so, I'm here.
More to follow
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