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Old 04-28-2012, 02:34 AM
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Default Poly Saturated

So, have you ever discovered that you have developed a number of relationships to the point where you have reached your limit in terms of time and energy?

Here's my problem. I have long term (almost three years) relationships with three people, two of which are a live-in couple. I spend my weekends with the couple, see my boyfriend once a week on a weeknight. I recently met (and fell for) someone new and am very excited to see him once a week as well.

This leaves two nights. I have started to fill them, spending time with friends and family. I have also had a surge of energy and interest in new friends and new possibilities with old friends (maybe exploring a possible fun-play-time sort of connection with an old friend or two who are open to casual, friendly intimacy).

On the one hand, I am delighted to have such a network of people who like to spend time with me. I live alone, but I feel really rooted. I also feel kind of energized to be so open to intimate/play connections with friends (these are people I care about deeply, with whom intimacy might be casual only because it's not romantic). It's all very exciting, especially for an introvert like me.

On the other hand, am I setting myself up to burn out? Am I not going to be able to properly honor the relationships I'm in, if I spread myself too thin?

I was just asked on a coffee date with a new friend, and was happy to say yes, BUT... I don't have an opening for almost two weeks, and there's only a very narrow window of time I can fit you in, how's that sound?

I thought some of you might have some perspectives, if you've hit a point of poly-saturation yourselves. I'd love to hear your thoughts/experiences/advice.

(PS- Yes, my situation is that of both polyamory and open relationships, with quite a bit of overlap between the two concepts.)
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