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Old 11-28-2009, 02:37 AM
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Default A Breath Caught In Nervousness

So, as the title may have lead you to believe, I am utterly new at this entire idea of polyamory.

To introduce myself; I am Erosa, a 21 year old woman endowed with a curious mind that often leads me into trouble. LOL. I'm hoping that it has not done so here.

My interest in polyamory has been long term but never acted upon. I have had two positively disasterous 3-person relationships but I understand not that this is not polyamory in the classic sense.

As far as a bit about who I am and where I come from; I was home educated all the way through 12th grade, and am currently taking college courses under duress. (Duress being in the form of parents who keep paying for them to guilt me into taking them...) However I am a staight A student with a tendancy to get int trouble becuase I have a smart ass view of life. I like to push the envalope in most areas.

Do not be surprised if I pounce on you and start poking buttons just to see what will happen. It's not cruelty; I just love to know where my limits are and why they have been set there and by whom.

My personality is a plethora of oddities. I'm a classic 'creative'; head in the clouds, feet dangling somewhere in fairyland, and yet impossibly perfectionistic when it comes to myself and my work. However with others I am easy going often to the point of getting walked on. (Am working on that...) I'm very open minded and understanding. (I'm a polyamory forum... hopefully this one is a 'duh'...)

My greatest love in life is music, followed closely by good conversation and passionate love. Chocolate and Mac n Cheese are somewhere on that list too. I'm also deeply interesting in all things spiritual, paranormal, and occult. I am not, however, the least bit interested in dark or black magick. Been there, done that, have the T-shirt. 'Nuff said.

At the present moment I am living with my birth family whilst arranging for a move to TX sometime in Feb or March of 2010. (For work related purposes.) I have a cat, my beloved Peppermint, who may or may not be making the trip with me.

I would love to get to talk to some people here, meet some new friends, possibly find a polyamorous relationship or family to join. I'm open to anything. But I give forwarning. If you walk up to me and declare undying love before I feel safe with you I will run the other way and you will likely never see hide nor hair of me again. (Not that I'm so aphrodisiac in and of myself... I've just slow to warm up.)

I cannot wait to meet you all and see what kind of community I have plunge myself into.

Love and light,

- All my Love.
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