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Old 11-27-2009, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
But L tends to chose women who are often rude and out of order towards me. While I tolerate their behaviour when we are in public, I refuse to put up with in in my own home.

We have discussed this a lot over the years. If one of my boyfriends were rude to him, I'd soon say something, but L allows his girlfriends to disrespect me. It's very interesting, and there's much to discuss and explore here. I've certainly given a lot of thought to this dynamic myself.

I have never doubted L's love for me, his relationships with other women have never been the issue. I don't feel jealous or threatened, but it does piss me off when they are ignorant or cocky towards me in my own home! And it pisses me off that L allows and enables their behaviour.
This is categorically unacceptable. It's your life and all that, but these women disrespect you IN YOUR OWN HOME AND your husband condones it? I can't say I've walked in your shoes, but as a stranger with no vested interest in your personal situation, I would say that your husband and these women deserve each other, and that you deserve better.

RP, PLEASE say something.
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