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Old 04-22-2012, 01:44 PM
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Default Problems in the bedroom

Well its been over a week since Blu, Bent and I all played together. And then we found out that he had a girlfriend after Blue and him went on a date. Blu and I went out on Friday on a date and had fun, but we have been having problems of a more intimate nature.

Blu still wants Bent, but knowing that he has a gf and is not willing to tell her has stopped her from wanting to continue. And yet, she does want to continue but she won't. Meanwhile, I am crazy about her more than ever and have been showing her attention that I haven't in years-but she is a bit resentful about that-that it took Bent coming on the scene to bring that abou.t.

We are managing to get out more as well, going dancing and generally having a night life again after a long lull after our daughter was born and the years following. We are being nicer to each other and not sniping as much at each other. We are communicating more openly and watching scars heal.

In the bedroom, however, we are having problems. She wants to be with Bent and not with me. At the same time, she knows that Bent is unavailable. So our lovemaking is not what it was. She ends up dissatisfied, I end up dissatisfied, we are both having problems. The absence of Bent has created a serious rift in that sense. We were supposed to meet with him on Friday to play but because of gf situation, Blu wanted to only go out with me.

I really don't know what to do. It seems we are at a dead end here. Most of the time the relationship is good, we are talking. But the sex aspect is difficult. It seems like she doesn't want me that way anymore. and she's unsure how to proceed now that the option she anticipated is not on anymore.

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