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Old 04-21-2012, 03:33 PM
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Default Going to my first poly meeting

It`ll be two weeks from now. As of now, it seems, there will be only about 6 of us, which is a start.

I`m excited and a bit anxious. It feels like this is going to be such an emotional experience for me. Just not being ostracized for having feelings for more than one person...

However, I`m also preparing myself for disappointment. The organizer is an atheist, which puts me more at ease. It`s one more thing we have in common. But, he also seems to be super idealistic on social issues. Which is cool, I don`t expect to share everything with everyone there.

I just wonder if I`ll finally feel that sense of connection. The sense of connection I feel in LGBTS clubs, for instance.

The fact that I am bi, lifestyle single, and sex-positive makes me feel like a minority within poly. I`m afraid there will be a bunch of couples making out there, and I will be the third wheel on their dates, basically. If that happens, I`ll say I had already eaten, order tea and leave in 25 minutes flat!

There is another group, in another Brazilian city, that calls itself Free Relationships Network (Rede de Relacoes Livres), that I identify more with in theory. But, I also had a Facebook disagreement with one of the most active members over what I would consider her anti-man feminism (I avoided that label in our post exchange). Totally have an online crush on her, regardless.

Anyway, what was your first poly meeting like? What was going through your mind prior to it? What were your expectations and fears? How did you feel before, during, and after? What was your relationship status at the time? Do you still attend?

I would love to hear your experience. Thank you.
Independent, sex-positive, bi-curious, private, atheist, elitist, athletic dude.

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