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Old 04-18-2012, 11:35 PM
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I would definitely think of oral sex without barrier as being fluid bonded.
Then again, if someone only mentioned to use condoms or to have safer sex, I wouldn't know for sure if they included oral sex or not.
I think the best way is to ask.

Personally, I don't like the idea of oral sex through a barrier much. It's like having a candy or sucker through the wrapper, and then you don't get the reward for your hard work at the end (the semen).
BUT I've thought it through since. Oral sex with a barrier becomes something different. It's no longer about my sense of taste (tasting the man's penis, the man's pre-come, the man's semen) and it becomes about my sense of touch, his sense of touch. And the reward at the end becomes his pleasure instead.

Sadly, that does mean that the people I would be willing to have protected oral sex with are much closer to me, and that we have a much more intimate relationship. I say "sadly" because that means chances are we would already be fluid bonded before I would be willing to perform oral sex with a condom on them.

For one night stands, I would much prefer giving them oral sex than having intercourse. But I don't really think I would enjoy doing so with a condom.

In other words, the solution for me is not having one night stands. Obviously it changes from one person to the next, and it might change for me. Maybe I'll be willing to try oral sex with a condom with someone I don't know well. It actually depends on flavoured condoms - I've only ever used regular condoms for everything, and they taste gross. On the other hand, I've been told that I would probably find the flavoured condoms grosser (they're apparently very sweet, and very sweet things make me nauseated).
Sadly, a penis-flavoured condoms probably wouldn't sell enough for people to be willing to produce it :P
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