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Old 04-16-2012, 04:31 AM
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Default Hey there

Well lets see, I am a mono with a poly fiance. I have been havi.g a hard time this week because it is going on a year from when I found out he was seeing someone else. I get a bit sad when he goes to see this other girl but not mad. He says I make him feel like he is doing something wrong, but as soon as he gets home I dont even feel sad any more. I kept how I was feeling inside and it blew up last night. I just feel he really thinks I should not feel how I do. In the begining of our relationship I was seeing other people but decided I just didnt have the want to deal with other people that way. He told me last night he really doesnt want me to see other people because he gets the feeling back he got when an ex cheated on him. I am ok with that but I dont understand how he thinks I should not feel how I do. I love him more than anyone I have been with, this is the only thing we really argue about.
I dont want to change who he is just want him to understand that I am a bit emotional about him being gone some times.
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