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Old 04-14-2012, 12:28 AM
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Default Gay with Bi boyfriend, advice?

I'm a gay guy dating another guy, but he's bi. He has a fuck-buddy, who is also our roommate, and she does not currently work, though she is looking. The job market in Vegas is nearly impossible and she's young and inexperienced, so she's having a lot of trouble and that's very understandable, I don't have any problems with that. However, because she is unemployed, she is home all the time. My boyfriend and I both work evening shifts and our days off only overlap once a week, meaning we don't get a lot of time just to ourselves to begin with, but to add to it, we also often have visitors in our home, as we maintain an open door policy to our friends.

My problem is envy. My boyfriend has three days off throughout a normal week and only one of those is the same as mine, so on the other two he and our roommate are home alone. For them, this is normal. Routine. For me, being alone in my house with only my boyfriend is almost unheard-of. My boyfriend and I are trying to work through a lot of problems, and many of them have to do with me, specifically I have trouble expressing myself well outloud and it only gets worse when I'm emotional, so a lot of the effort being put into repairing our relationship has to come from me.

Since we're in a time like this, I don't get much attention sometimes. I don't know how to ask for time to be alone with my boyfriend without offending someone because for some reason I can't ever figure out how to say it or what to even say in the first place. Where is the line? How forceful am I allowed to be and how justified am I when I can't help but clench up inside when I see them flirting in front of me? How am I supposed to keep myself from resenting my roommate when she gets exactly all the things I want readily while I have to work my ass off for them? How am I supposed to keep myself from resenting my boyfriend? I'm afraid I'm tearing my relationship apart because I just don't know how to handle any of this at all!

tl;dr: gay guy has envy problems because his bisexual boyfriend has a live-in fuck-buddy I can't relate to
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