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Old 04-10-2012, 05:11 PM
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Question How do I make my friends respect my polyamorouse lifestyle?

Ok!!! So! I am really new to the forum, I found it some time ago and well, had not really joined for one reason or another, so this is my story, I am 22 years old, yeah quite young if you put it that way, I had been in a monogamous relationship for 6 almost 7 years, things with that guy ended, and I realized that I had changed, I no longer fancied monogamy because indeed I had never felt like sex was that of a big deal, for me, the commitment with your spouse goes beyond the sexual connection, so anyway I remained single for like a year, and in that year I became a swinger, it was easy and it was fun for me, I didn't know anything about polyamory, it was completely new to me, but I wanted all that polygamy stands for, I wanted to be able to have a lover who I compliment, who understands me, and who doesn't judge me for who I go to bed with... So I met my actual husband last year on June, he is 15 years my senior, and well he's always been a swinger, he doesn't consider himself a polygamous but he practices it.... So we started a relationship, it was more like friends with benefits at first, but things started getting serious and we fell in love, he is completely perfect with us having different sexual partners and so am I...

The problem comes when my friends, there are my two best friends, who basically hate everything we have, they say we are playing, and that we are not serious about the whole relationship... the thing is that he and I are expecting a baby, I am near to be 4 months pregnant and well, I am constantly having this problem with my friends because they believe that my husband and I are not taking this relationship serious...

My big question is... what do I do to make my friends understand where I am coming from??? or maybe the right question should be, should I allow my friends to get in my personal business the way they do?? I mean until which point is your friend's opinion really important in your lifestyle...

thanks for reading!!!!

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