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Old 04-05-2012, 06:48 AM
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There has been much going on but I don't have time to write much right now. Thanks for all the replies all. I wish this forum had a like button I'm feeling much better now. Things are in the works.

Things are going better this week. Mono has realized that he has a habit of sabotaging a good thing when he finds it hard to know where to go next and starts getting depressed. We have worked out what to do next time. The occurrences of the other night have given me a precedent to fall back on and I intend to use it. I intend to remind him that I am not going anywhere and that I love him and will kick his ass until he gets his act together. He has agreed to this, even though he swears there will be no next time. We have had a great week of bonded love making and connection. We shall see how much gardening gets done as a result.

PN and I have also had our "bonding" time and while the garden is at least mowed, there is much more to do... among other things. Everyones mood is better though. Maybe because I am going away?

It seems Mono's boundaries are moved. He has decided that its okay for me to be free to consider other people as options to date and have sex with. This leaves my new friend in a new position. Or at least leaves me in a position of looking at him differently. I am wondering where this will go now that he has given me the okay to take it as it comes. I told Derby about it all and she seems to think he is an okay option, should I choose. My biggest concern is his gf and PN if I should decide to consider him as someone worthy of dating. Time will tell.

I'm off to Vegas for the long weekend with my ex wife. First trip out of Canada by plane in 8 years. I didn't realize all that goes into flying now! I am so excited, but it means leaving the forum for the time I'm gone I think. First time for that too in three years. Behave people!
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