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Old 04-03-2012, 10:52 AM
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My name is Tara. I am a 46 yo single (separated from 2nd husband) woman living with my six yo disabled daughter in London. I am an American that feels exiled to the UK (came here because my ex was British), but cannot return home right now because my daughter needs the National Health Service (NHS). But I am sooooooooooooooooo homesick for the USA, especially country life like I had when I lived with my first husband in Texas. I am hoping that if my writing takes off I will be able to move back to somewhere within an hour or so of Houston in 2013.

So why would I come here? After two failed marriages and another long term relationship, I have come to believe that polyamory makes more sense. I feel that no one human being can meet the complex intellectual, emotional and physical need of another person. My ideal (if I had my life to live over again) is more like the 1960s commune with everyone sharing lives and loves. In fact, I keep advocating that life option to two of my adult children (the other two are clearly meant for mono lifestyles). I fear that for me…the time had passed. My daughter’s medical, behavioral and educational needs are so all consuming that I do not have anything left to give anyone else.

But as we anticipate a move back to an area that is clearly very conservative I hope to form friendships with others who are like minded. The worst thing would be isolation and for my daughter to grow up without being exposed to different ideas of how she may choose to lead her life. I suppose that is one thing that is good about London…the diversity. I was very excited as I read some of the posts here to realize that there is an active poly community in and around the area we hope to live so that was nice to see. I hope to begin making friendships back home and perhaps even meet some people here in the UK while I am stuck here.

Do would though love to hear move about how this lifestyle translate into family…outside of religion? If it were not for the oppressive nature of those types of sister wives things (and the fact that I would want more than one guy involved in the whole thing), I feel that I would enjoy sharing my experience or even the responsibilities with another younger woman would be awesome for us both…and the kids too.

I look forward to learning more about this lifestyle and making friends all over the world.
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