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Old 03-27-2012, 06:15 AM
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Originally Posted by newtoday View Post
So...where do I go from here? I want for the 3 of us to coexist peacefully, more as a team but I feel threatened and hurt by this. And on the other hand, I feel like he really did stand up for me in asking for her acceptance of me in his life. But what if one day she enforces a veto power over me?
She said that she was ok with poly until it happened to her. She knew he had fuck friends and that was fine. She said that she believed in and supported poly, when it was to her advantage with the guy she was seeing, but now he's gone and her SO is in love with someone else, and she lashes out at me, and not him, for not being totally honest. Now she SAYS she is ok with it, but is she really? I've fessed up, with the risk of appearing difficult, about her now explained attitude towards me, he's fessed up to being in love with me and she's claiming to be okay with it, after a mouth full of lies about me.

How do I handle this in light of her less than accepting attitude towards me?
Sorry if I repeat what others have said, I haven't read everything yet, but I wanted to catch this.

Metamours don't have to be best friends, but you are right, it does seem to work better if they can work on the same team. A team doesn't have to talk though. There can be an understanding that you love the same man and have his best interest in your heart. With this kind of approach one can make decision and move forward with consideration for everyone. It sounds like in this situation you and he could act together to do what makes her feel more comfortable without jeopardizing what you have too much. You and he could act as a team in supporting her instead of you and her acting as a team to support him at this point in time. I would wonder if she would soften a bit when she sees the benefits of a poly relationship in this way. Its really hard for people to grasp on to hate and their point of view within it if people do nothing but love and be kind in return; showing that it will be okay and everything is not as it seems.

I hope with time she comes to that when she sees that he is happy and therefore able to support her better. In my poly dynamic we come together to help each other out. There was one time that my gf's husband fell off his bike and needed help. My bf went to get the bike and we kept it at our place for awhile. We all pitched in to help in various ways over the course of time it took for him to heal. That is what it is all about for us. Its about a bunch of people all coming together as a chosen family. It might not be to others, but that is a choice that some poly people make and its been a really good one for me.

I would give this some time. Its all new to her and she is likely frustrated, hurt, feels like her vitality is already taken from her because she is sick and now she might lose her husband too. You are likely a huge threat. She is in a very vulnerable position as he is her caregiver and really, I think anyone would be very afraid if they were her.

I would suggest finding as much compassion as you can for her and find ways to lighten the load. In my experience, even if it ends in her convincing him that you are not who you say you are (basically a veto) and he decides to leave you, you can at least come out of this feeling that you did everything possible to make her feel as comfortable and supported as you could and actively showed him you loved him to the best of your ability.

There are other threads on metamours that might help if you look in the serch engine under "metamours" or "metamour."

edit: One last thing, I would stop trying to find times to talk to her in private. You are obviously upsetting her and making it really uncomfortable for her in some way. I didn't that in my last relationship as I wanted to give my metamour a chance to have it out with me, but all it did was make things worse and made her eventually decide that I had to be out of her life as I was driving her crazy. I wish I had known that before, but my bf never told me I was, just that she didn't want to be my friend. I kept saying I don't want to be her friend either but misunderstood that that meant she really wanted me out of her life. You might be the kindest person in the world, but really, sometimes, when someone has decided that a person is irritating, there is nothing to do but back off and do what one can from a distance... in silence.

I would ask him to stop telling you stuff too. The details are not for you to know. Its between him and her. They need their privacy. You and he need your privacy. When you get your extra day with him (which I would insist on at this point) I think I would agree that you will not talk to her, will not listen to the details about what she says and get back on track of having a good time together without her around or being the topic of conversation.
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