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Old 03-26-2012, 11:14 PM
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Default Sudden Arbitrary Boundary

I occasionally (say a couple times a month perhaps) seek extracurricular dates with new men. Sometimes I choose to sleep with them; sometimes not. Sometimes I see them again; sometimes not.

Legs and Wolf of course know about this arrangement. Wolf does similar things, but generally does them a lot more. Legs has little to no interest in recreational dating/sex, although he has recently started a new emotional LDR, contrary to his observed mono status.

Recently, Legs came to me and said he had a problem with the "open" quality of our relationship. He wants me to stop having any sort of one-on-one sexual encounters outside of himself or Wolf. However, I can still involve myself in threesomes or swinging experiences with Wolf.

He originally staged this as an ultimatum/demand, but it seems to be more of a request now. I feel as if it is arbitrary, because I am still sleeping with people he doesn't know under his stated constraints... I also feel like this stems from some sort of insecurity, but I'm not sure how to handle it. I want to take his feelings into account to help him, but I also feel as if just giving into the request won't make me happy. We've been together under our open system for the last year.

Thoughts and Advice?
Me: Mid-Twenties. Bi-sexual, but not bi-emotional. My open poly boyfriend: Wolfwood. My mono-boyfriend: Russo.
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negotiating boundaries

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