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Old 03-22-2012, 04:29 PM
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Post handlebar mustache included?

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Very glad to hear that the board has been helpful!

I would look at this as a question of personal boundaries. In the end his relationship with his wife is his relationship but are YOU willing to be involved with a cheater or a sort of cheater? It's important to recognize the huge potential for drama there and how that could impact you. For instance, if his wife finds out and chooses to publicly villainize you (this sort of thing can happen!) how would that affect your life? Best to seek out situations based on honesty and respect. Things can still go wrong, but usually in less explosive ways.

Thanks, I'm def trying to look at it from the perspective of talk, listen and then decide if this is right for me. If its not it will suck because he does it for me, which is rare for men. But... I don't want to be involved with a cheater no matter how sexually attractive he is to me. Not when there's the possibility of finding a non-cheater who syncs just the same. I lean on the cynical side and will be pleasantly surprised if this works out.

I kinda laughed at the villainize comment, imagined myself in a black cape with a sinister mustache. Seriously however, you make a good point. I'm not in this for a smear campaign. Although I don't care much for "appearances" having someone hate me enough to attempt such a thing would be harmful to both of us.
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