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Old 11-23-2009, 09:25 PM
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I think I can speak for LR on one point. Any thing asked or stated on this board will not offend ither of us. The hard questions are allways the ones that people avoid for themselves.There also the questions that need to be asked and answered in order to grow.

I know that LR's purpose in this "date night" was not to make herself feel better about anything inthe past or the present.( We talked for a solid 2 weeks about it). It was I who brought up the concept of facing a fear of mine( weather I could sleep with someone and not go crazy). For me sex is not just a physical act. It has allways involved emotions. I know that I can FUCK but I wasnt sure I could makelove to someone else and not lose touch of my emotions and love for my wife.I know that dosent make sense to experienced Poly folk. But it made sense to me so I needed to explore that side of me and this was a safe way to do that.

As for dating this lady. Its not out of the question but its also not a right now thing for ither of us.It wouldnt be fair to her or me at this point in my life.As you all probably know there is and will still be major changes in my life and the way I see relationships.Until such time as I know that I have a grasp of what I need VS what I just want I cant be true to another.

As for what I think LR got out of it. She got her man back with a better understanding of our relationship. She got a friend from a guy that was stuck at JUST being a husband.She got to know that I now can understand that even though she has sex with GG she still comes back to me with love in her heart and in her soul for me. And that her love for me dosent change because she has another love in her life.

As for if Im Poly. I know that I am Poly. I wasnt able to accept it though. I didnt think I deserved it. I didnt think I could understand it. I was wrong....I just needed the go ahead from the most important person in my life ( LR). I needed to know I wasnt a freak of nature or that I was some sort of pervert that wanted to love more then just my wife.Im so much happier living with a open mind and open heart.

Peace and Love
" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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