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Old 03-07-2012, 03:53 PM
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Default hey guys

my name's Ryan, I'm 22, I live in MA

ive been going through a lot of life changes lately, which had caused a lot of thinking. my sexuality being one of them, and i guess the conclusion i came to as of last night is that
im a polyamorous homogenderal
that probably doesn't make much sense lol, and that'z cuz i came up with it
first the homogenderal,
after being in a few relationships with both men and women there were things in each which i found seem to stick out... and i guess this is my attraction to the male "gender". by gender, I don't mean biological sex, but the male gender role, as in MASCULINITY. and i mean strictly. For example, I would much rather date a tom-boy girl than a fem twink. I have no problem with fem people, that's just not what I am personally attracted to. So that is why I consider myself homogenderal and not homosexual. I'd love feedback to that if you have some.
After being in a few long-term monogamous and relationships, I also noticed something else missing, and this is really what has got me thinking lately.
I realized that my fantasy, and by fantasy I mean sexual and non-sexual, I see myself in a polyamorous relationship, I had never really taken this seriously until recently, when I have began to think that I am polyamorous, in that I desire to be in a relationship with multiple people.
Now as I understand, there are different types of polyamory. I think my case might be unusual, but considering I am here maybe not (which is why I am here to get a feel for what polyamory is like). But when I say I fantasize about a polyamorous relationship, I don't mean having one partner, and then another, and being able to choose which I want whenever, but more in that I want the 3+ of us in an equal relationship, as in no two being more exclusive. I know there are many polyamorous relationships like this, but from my personal experiences, most polyamorous relationships I see deal with a couple that has already been dating many years, take on a third person. Also many times, while it seems to work sexually for a small time, that the third can cause issues, by sometimes feeling like he has come in between.
So I guess I'm seeking feedback on my idea of my polyamory. Ideally, I would like a relationship of 4 people, even three guys and one girl. Almost like a family, but like in a sexual way... which sound REALLY weird to me! so I was hoping to try and find a place to talk about this where it seems more normal.
sorry for typing a novel

a few other things about me...

I am a HUGE adrenaline junky! I love CARS! Love working on them and racing them, driving fast, etc. I also love other extreme sports from snowboarding to skydiving! Aside from those I am also an avid sports fan. I am a huge Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, fan and never turn down the opportunity to watch a game.

I am a senior in college, I'll be graduating in may with my bachelors. I'm a double major in poli sci and Russian, with a minor in international relations. I don't have a job lined up, so recently I've been considering the military.

I am super laid-back. I never fight. If there is a way to avoid drama, I will usually go lengths to do so. I think this also partially reflects in my polyamory.

I very independent. I moved out 15 and am an only child. I went to military school for a year, then moved to Russia. I moved back to go to college in Boston.

Hope to meet some cool people here
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