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View Poll Results: Is there any crossover between Sex work, Swinging and Polyamory?
Yes, there is some crossover between all 3 categories 9 40.91%
There is only crossover between sex work and swinging 2 9.09%
There is only crossover between sex work and polyamory 0 0%
Sex work stands alone; there is no crossover 11 50.00%
Voters: 22. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 03-06-2012, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by feelyunicorn View Post
Yeah, I too find it difficult to make a clean distinction between them all.
I'm glad some people agree with me on that :-)

Originally Posted by feelyunicorn View Post
Especially because, to me, there is always some level of feeling to sex, and vice-versa.
I agree. This is what I was headed towards when I talked that the main issue is defining love. How you define it can change how we think of many things. I define it as caring for someone, but I care for many people.. so then it becomes how much you care.. and how can you really measure this? At what point does caring for someone become love for someone?

Originally Posted by feelyunicorn View Post
Easy though to make a distinction in terms of emphasis: polyamory - relationships; prostitution - work; swinging - casual sex.

Originally Posted by feelyunicorn View Post
I also seem to identify some sex-negativity in swinging too, though, believe it or not. Or, to put it another way, it`s very gendered sex-negativity whereby, understandably, male libido is held in scorn and female libido is put on a pedestal...If for no other reason than the law of offer and demand.

So, to a man, the rhetoric is that you should be looking for "friends", that it isn`t "all about sex", etc.
Interesting. I think that, as you say, it has a lot to do with supply and demand, and perhaps that women are more interested in friendships with sex as a component then sex alone.

Originally Posted by feelyunicorn View Post
Also, extreme hypocrisy concerning prostitution. As I later found out, prostitutes posing as wives are the lifeblood in many a swinger club, yet kept hush hush.
Very interesting.

Originally Posted by feelyunicorn View Post
So, since we`re talking about married couples mostly in search of unicorns, the female is your price of entry (as it is in porn). In my 20s, I tried to "penetrate" the swinging world as a lifestyle single man; I felt I was basically denied entry without trial. Although, I am admittedly uncompromising concerning gender double-standards and passive-aggressiveness around sex.
Yes, I've heard about this; I think it's safe to say that more men are interested in the swinging lifestyle then women.
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