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Old 03-06-2012, 02:55 AM
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Default Not sure how to proceed

Just like any story starts: There's this girl....

Recently I admitted my feelings for her (shes a good friend). Went great, she likes me too, proved it with a kiss. ^_^. We are both poly, I have a primary and she a triad. The problem is that her triad is closed. I told her I would still be around if things ever change. I care about her happiness foremost.

Which leads me to a delema. From what shes told me about her triad (like I said before, we we've been good friends for a while) it honestly doesnt sound healthy. I won't go into detail because she told me these things in confidence. But she maintains that she is happy in it. I never expressed my concerns to her because of my feelings for her; if I'm attracted to someone I feel it's best to stay nutreal in regards to their romantic relationships to avoid a conflict of intrest (mine aganst the persons wellbeing).

She has also been sending mixed messages. I tried bringing up a conversation about what our boundries should be and she went silent. I know I need to talk to her about these things but im not sure if I should include my concerns with her triad. This girl would make me crazy happy. My partner has commented on how happy I am after spending time with her. And this is where I get concerned about the conflict of intrests I mentioned earlier. Any suggestions?

PS. Sorry about spelling. My phone has no spell check.
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