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Old 02-10-2012, 06:37 AM
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Default Hi there

Twenty-seven year-old female, currently living on the West Coast of the U.S..
I am straight as far as I know and I suppose single and in an open relationship of sorts with a guy who is poly and who is married to a poly female. Length of being lovers / in a relationship of sorts is roughly four/five months. I have known them for about two years, and was friends with him prior to moving beyond friends. I am friends with his wife, however not as strongly as with him. I had very little to no awareness or information about polyamory prior to meeting them.

I say as far as I know, because lately I have had dreams involving sexual activities with females.

I came here in search of other poly people, in an effort to relate to others and understand their experiences and gain a better working knowledge and understanding of the nature of polyamory. As other than my lover and his wife, I only know of a few other poly people - however my connection with them is only as an acquaintance and I would find discussing relationship particulars with them a bit awkward; as they are good friends with my lover and his wife.
I have read The Ethical Slut and have heard good things about Opening Up which is on my list to read next. Though I have found at times that some things work out much better in theory than in practice. Especially where emotions are involved in the moment, they can jumble up what I read when I was clear headed. xD

I love spending time outdoors - whether it be hiking, camping, etcetera.
Reading, playing games (video, board, card), painting/drawing, cooking.. favorite pastimes.
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