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Old 02-08-2012, 01:53 AM
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I really like the logo. It looks better than any official polyamory symbols I've seen. I don't suppose people would be allowed to use it though? (I meant as a pendant, or tattoo, or something). I assume it's copyrighted?

Anyways, I registered for the beta, looks good to me so far, there isn't much interactivity yet but I'm looking forward to more. I've been following the project and I definitely want to be a member. Unlike many other people here I'm not a member of Fetlife or OKCupid or anything where you have a big profile page you can fill.
I feel for poly people it can be important, be it only so you can explain your situation.

Would it be possible to have a box for "current relationship network" with possibility to have some kind of diagram? For instance a Vee with one heart being bigger (representing you) or something like that? Obviously there would be lots of possibilities so there would need a program where you start with a heart (you) and have the option to add connections. If you could pick a gender (male, female, other) and each was a colour, that would be even better.
This way there could be a quick one-look view of your current network, shown for instance under your profile picture. Even better would be the option to link the other hearts to existing members, so that someone can click one and go to their profile.

EDIT: also they could be the logo heart if they're poly, or a regular heart if they're mono?
I realise it's a bit complicated, but I think it could be very helpful.
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