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Old 02-07-2012, 08:31 PM
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Default I'm new with lots of questions!

So I'm new here on the forums. My husband and I have discussed and read about polyamory for a few years now, so I feel like I know a lot about it, but we just recently decided that our relationship was healthy enough for us to open it up.

My husband frequently meets people through work or when he travels for work or he reconnects with ppl he went to high school with (he grew up in this area). So he is having no problem finding new people to meet and hang out with. I, OTOH, didn't grow up around here, grew up in a super religious family and was homeschooled so all my friends were super religious...so I'm trying to figure out how to meet new people.

I have met new people at my sons' school and through the homeschool group that we joined here. But I live in TX which means that the majority of people I meet are religious. Now the homeschool groups we joined are secular so it's possible I'll meet some awesome ppl there.

Also, I'm not really sure how to go about talking about polyamory to ppl or letting them know I'm available. I wear my wedding rings, I'm a mom of 3 young kids, babysitting a 4th, and most of what I talk about deals with parenting and includes dh. I'm also asexual and am looking for an emotional connection with some snuggles, but no sex. So it'd be kinda odd to just spill all that up front. "Hey, my husband and I have an open relationship but I'm asexual so I'm just looking for friendship and snuggles...you interested?" LOL

Oh and it's worth mentioning that my husband frequently gets hit on, even with is wedding ring on, but I *never* get hit on.

Anyways just looking for some tips on how to meet people and how to go about letting them know that I'm interested and what I'm interested in.

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