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Old 02-07-2012, 02:39 AM
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Default Favourite animes thread

In the favourite movies thread, I brought up an anime, and then Runic Wolf brought up several more.. so without further ado, this will be the favourite animes thread. It may have a short life as a thread, but I'll still be watching more animes regardless -.-...

For those who don't know, animes are japanese cartoons; in general they're a lot more serious then their western counterparts.

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Although now if we're going to pull anime and series into this...
Woot! Long live animes :-).

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Neon Genesis Evangelion: For all it's flaws I highly enjoyed this series. The main protagonist is actually a fairly typical, traditional Japanese protagonist. The story itself chugs along at a good clip and, as long as you pay attention to detail and keep an eye on symbolism, it's a fairly solid series (even with the creator having a mental breakdown half way through production). While I know there are multiple endings, I tend to prefer the much more subtle original ending.
I loved Neon Genesis. It was the first anime I ever saw. Could you tell me the original ending? I'm not sure which ending I saw. In the ending I saw, a bunch of the um.. mechas? from other countries (representing the allies I'm guessing, metaphorically) take out the girl in the mecha from Germany. Then there's like a happy ending thing..thing at the end of the world or something. I liked it anyway :-).

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Rebuild of Evangelion: A reboot movie series, of which they've only done 2 of 4 so far, that takes a lot of the themes, characters, and even whole events from the original series and plays around with them. It's a new look at that old story and the events that could of been. What drew me in was watching the first one after having seen the first series a half dozen times. While none of the plot really changes, the second movie does a lot of that, the small little shifts in tonal inflection and the like made some of the scenes do a total 180 in meaning. I simply had to see what they did, and boy did 2.22 deliver.
I see :-). I'm not even sure if I saw the original movies, let alone the new ones.. this will definitely be something to consider watching.

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: I list these two together because they do have a lot in common in terms of theme and ideas explored, a main one being "What does it mean to be human", even if the flavor of the series has changed.
I just finished watching everything in Ghost in the Shell. Absolutely awesome. I actually ended up buying the Solid State Society OVA on itunes because I couldn't get a complete streaming version online, laugh :-). So I just may watch that Bubblegum Crisis anime.. I must saw though, Bubblegum Crisis doesn't sound nearly as serious as Ghost in the Shell was, laugh :-).

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Record of Lodoss War (and the follow up series, Chronicles of the Heroic Knight): Traditional Western fantasy as seen through an anime lens. Not much more to say about it then that. It's a fun watch if you like epic fantasy.
I think I've heard of it.. may give it a look later.

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
The Slayers: This is a series that's been a long time favorite of my wife and I. It's a "Dramadey" set in a western style fantasy setting. The first half of each season starts off lighter, with some jokes and it pokes fun at itself and the genre, and as the season goes on it gets more and more serious and drama filled as it comes to it's climax. The fact that the series doesn't take itself too seriously is major points for it.
Cool :-). Will keep in mind.

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
I saved the best for last:

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (or just Gurren Lagann in the US): Such an amazing mecha series. It's got plot twists, big drama, the characters are memorable, it's got great one liners, and by the end it's gotten so outrageous but you don't care because of the way the story is told. It's the kind of series that builds up the insanity and is very self aware of the genre it's in and the conventions there of. The first few episodes where kind of slow because it builds the base that it works from, but put in the investment, it does pay off big time. My wife HATES mecha anime, but I sat her down to watch this and she got sucked in and enjoyed the hell out of it.
I see, heh :-). Will also keep in mind.

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