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Old 01-30-2012, 02:38 AM
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Default So new to this!!!

Hi, I am a 47 yr old female from Texas. I have become involved a bit unwittingly with a man who has polyamorous relationships with more than a few others. He did not tell me when we first started dating about his poly relationships. I only found out after I was already in love with him. I joined this forum in the hopes that some of you sharing the same things and feelings might help me learn how this is done. This is a bit difficult because there are 7 of us.....I work alot and so I don't complain too much about lack of time. He is wonderful to me and I know that he really loves me. The things I seem to have the most trouble with are the lack of access. How do you do that? There are times when I want and need him so much but, because he is with one of the "others" , it's not possible. How do you find other ways to deal with that? Some of the others tend to cause trouble because of jealousy. I don't really have issues with jealousy, I am however insecure at times. Mostly when I have to hear him tell the others that he loves them as well. It stings. More recently, he told me that we should go on a cruise for valentines. Great! That was until he suggested we take one of the others with us. I reluctantly agreed. I really wanted the time for us to bond more but, I guess I need to figure out how to make this one work!!! Any ideas are welcome. I really want to stay with him. I love and adore him so much.

Trying to play well with others, lots of others!!!
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