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Old 01-29-2012, 06:02 AM
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Originally Posted by newguy View Post
Ok...degrading to PK...

Let me say this, PK would never use anyone (male or female) as a sex buddy...yes, she is trying to see if she could have an intimate relationship with a woman...will it lead to sex?
So did you read this part???? I mean before you posted the below???

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
And degrading to the other person she'd be a "fuck buddy' with. You have to think about the other person, too. It's not just about you and PK when there's another person.

That was another major point of Vixtoria's post. From the point of view of the woman PK would get involved with, if PK really wanted a relationship with a man but got involved with a woman just because she wasn't "allowed" to have a man, that woman would feel used and unimportant. No one wants to be second choice.
I think you did read it all...so I would assume that the statement still saying PK would even have a "fuck buddy" was just a filler to get your next part in...

OK, you say "no one wants to be second choice" but most Poly relationship have a primary (husband or wife) and a SECONDary...or thirdary ect.

Or...are you now trying to say that Vixtoria was trying to say that because PK is exploring the possibility of loving another woman...and IF they (PK and the other woman) falls in love with each other, the other woman should feel used because PK didn't know she could love a woman until it happened?....

Or...could it be that you needed another way of saying that I won't "allow" PK to be with another man...have you been reading my thoughts? PK is "allowed" to love whomever she choses.

You see, I thought your first comment of explaining Vixtoria statement made sense (even though it may or may not be accurate because Vixtoria is the only one who KNOWS what she meant)...but this comment on what was Vixtoria's major points, sounds more like your instead of hers....

Either way, I'll say again...PK would never have sex with anyone just for the sake of having sex...that with a male, female, or hermapherdite (sp)
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