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Old 01-22-2012, 08:54 PM
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But... What if I don't want to end it? What if I want to see if we can work it out? How do I address him about my feelings, or about how he needs to work with me to make us work, and not just do what ever he wants.

He says he'll always love me, and always make time for me... But I've honestly been questioning that love, too. I know he does, at least to some extent.

I'm just... Afraid not as much as he likes to say. I don't know what to do, but I don't want to end things with him.

Honestly, I'm not seeking praise or anything, because none of you actually know me. But I'm not something guys want, or something people want to actually spend time with.

I'm a bit awkward, and shy at first. And... He had to deal with a lot of that in order to get to where we are now. And, honestly, I don't feel like anyone in their right minds would think I'm worth it. At least not as a main partner.

I feel like I'm only good in small doses, or with little commitment. I really cannot see how anyone would want a monogamous relationship with me, or even for me to be their primary...
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