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Old 01-22-2012, 04:48 AM
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I would have a more serious conversation with H, but it's hard when he says that there's nothing to talk about.

Bookbug, he attributes it to his own pesonal choice and nothing more. His gf is only seeing him and she says that she identifies herself as monogamous.

nycindie, I've spent time with his gf. She said that if I want her to, she'll discuss spending less time w/ H. But isn't it my H's responsibility to arrange something like this with his gf, and not the other way around?

When I say that he was never thrilled with the idea, I mean that my H was hesitant to be in a polyamorous relationship during our first few years. This is when I repeatedly asked if we should return to monogamy, and when I took a break with my bfs. He has never been crazy about the idea.

H has always been a planner. His gf is a longtime family friend and he brought it up out of the blue. Exit affair - "A spouse who has an exit affair may have been faithful throughout the marriage until being emotionally ready to leave the marriage. It is not difficult to find someone to have an affair with and the dynamics of the affair itself will provide the support the exiting spouse needs to pull away from the marriage."

I don't know if he has codependency issues. I do know that his parents taught him to always put other people first and that he takes those words seriously.

Could I just be overreacting? I can be neurotic sometimes.

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