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Old 01-18-2012, 10:57 PM
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Default Apparently I am considered a "Unicorn"

HOWEVER (dagnabbit!!! there's ALWAYS an issue right? my desire (I am a 49 y/o woman, but could easily put MANY a young Unicornette to shame) is to be a part of a polyamorous relationship with 2 women only.

I have researched a bit and I DO NOT wish to be the "Vee" but rather be embraced as a third to an established relationship, so that I don't have to pour that much time and energy into it. It's not that I'd be "lazy" about "making it work", it's just that I know that I could serve more as a mediator to (inevitable) disagreements that the couple would have and if somehow my offerings (be they sexual, psychological, practical, financial, emotional, etc.) placate situations or alleviate situations.....what's the harm?

I feel I'd just rather be someone who intermittingly participates and/or serve as a "stress relief" for whenever the two who HAVE been together as a couple, need it. Since there are no hard and fast rules to this "Relationship Carousel of Life" it seems just as viable as the next option. Perhaps I could be a sounding board with benefits? (for whatever reason I imagine myself living in a duplex or efficiency attached to the main couple's house and I (as well as they) would have free rein of entrance and exit within the two homes).

I would be OF the relationship, not intricately absorbed IN it. (does that make sense?)

Still researching where it is that I as a Unicorn would be embraced (but I figure, living in Miami, it shouldn't be that difficult.....) and I am not naive about the bottom line of it all, as far as actually participating in one. But let me tell you, I have the rest of my lifetime to seek it.
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