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Old 01-11-2012, 12:52 PM
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Default Queer expat newbie

Hey Folks,

I am not new to open relationships and have been in more or less successful open relationships for two years prior to moving to Berlin and meeting my partner. We have been together for a year and half and married for 8 months. She is the woman of my dreams and I want to be old and crusty with her. I have never loved someone so much. We have also been monogamous.

about 3 months ago we met a girl, and my partner began developing a crush on her. My partner wanted us to have a threesome with her after we all made out one night a month ago. I didn't want to and the next day I began developing a lot of anxiety and fear. I had a panic attack etc... I worked through some of my feelings for a couple of days and decided that maybe it would be a good idea to open our relationship. I knew that I trusted my partner and know with all my heart that she loves me and has done so much to show and prove that. It made sense and my jealous feelings were unfounded. I then opened up to the other person and we all had a drunken 3some on christmas eve. after our second threesome a few days after I began to develop a serious crush on the other person. My partner feels threatened and afraid as of a week ago. She feels threatened by my crush even though I have been more affectionate and more happy in our relationship. I feel terrible and want to assure her, but I don't know what to do. Initially, I asked my partner if she wanted to end our 3 way and she said no. She also has a crush on the other person. I don't understand. How did we completely flip 360*? Since NYE, the other person and I have been chatting lots of facebook and texting realizing how much we have in common. We even met up yesterday(no hanky panky) to organize a film screening project she wants to help me with. My partner knows everything. I have never kept a secret and include her in on our conversations.

Ideally this could potentially be a great triad or something. I am super open to the idea of loving this other person eventually. This in no way or form threatens my love for my partner. I feel even more in love and we're having even more romantic/ kinky sex. I now know that i dont want to give up the other person as a lover, and I also don't want to compromise my relationship with my partner. Help?
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