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Old 01-10-2012, 05:09 AM
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Default Music And Musicians

Much along the lines of the earlier, and seemingly popular 'Gaming And Gamers' thread, how about some music talk? I'm not talking favourite songs and what you are listening to... We already have threads similar to those.

This thread is for those of us who can actually play music, and that does include all the ways you can create it. Whether you play guitar, sing, do it on a computer, bang your head against a wall... Though I'll worry about you if the latter. =P

How about some links to some of your stuff on the net? If you have a youtube vid or a soundcloud account, feel free to share with us.

Please no links to commercial stuff, which probably includes stores to buy your CD or something... I imagine your comment would be deleted and your account suspended.

Myself, I mainly play bass. I own a 4 and 5 string, hoping to get myself a 6 next year some time. I often say kit is my second instrument, but without owning one, it's hard to really get much practise in. =P On the opposite foot, I own 3 guitars and can barely get a tune out of them. >.<
My first instrument was piano/keyboards, and soon after, steel pans. Unfortunately, I never did really like piano keys, and barely use my keyboard for anything more than MIDI work. Steel pans are just damn expensive.

There are a lot of instruments I'd love to learn, but my next to put effort into will be my voice and theremin. The voice is often an underrated instrument and I certainly haven't put mine to its full potential.

I have a good little set up with my computer for recording. [the main reason I built it, even if I do game more often...]
I have a few solo projects I'm planning or in the middle of, that hopefully I can share with you guys not long from now.

Until then, here's some links to things I've been doing the last few years:

Let's hear from you guys. =]
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