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Old 12-27-2011, 01:53 AM
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Default Is there really enough love to go around?

Hello everyone...
Is there really enough love for more than one person??? That is a question I have been asking a lot lately. Is it really possible?
I have been happily married to a wonderful Man for over 15 years. He has always been my best friend... over a year ago, I met a Man who I fell in love with... I was not seeking a relationship... it just happened. He has been married for the same amount of time. We are so much alike and I am not a mystic, but I feel as if I have known him all of my life... It is interesting in that our spouses are very alike in personality as well. My husband and his wife are both introverted and look to us to take the lead in our families lives... I think that is part of what we bring to one another, a feeling of strength and a feeling of not always having to make things happen as we do with our spouses. We feed each other energy. Yes, I know that it may be "New Relationship Energy"... but it has been over a year now and it has not lessened at all. We started this journey with the premise of a D/s relationship between me and my lover/boyfriend/Dom... not sure what to call him on here... But, soon, it became so much more. My lover and his wife were already in an "open D/s relationship" with him being in control of their experiences with others. I had always had an interest in D/s relationship, but my husband does not have a Dom personality. After my lover and I talked and discovered our mutual interest (he pursued me)… I went to my husband and told him of my desire to have a D/s relationship with this man. He was glad that I came to him, but also worried. We have all gone out together and our children have become friends and often play together. I think it also important to mention that the D/s thing is just fun for my lover and me… we really see one another as equals… We are exploring the poly lifestyle, as none of us want to end our marriages. My lover and I are committed to one another and neither one of us can even imagine not having each other in our lives… It is just not an option. I feel that we are being selfish, expecting our spouses to get on the Poly train (for lack of a better term)… but we do not know any other way to make this work. Obviously, our spouses both realize that the relationship between us is much deeper than casual sex. We are in love… but at the same time, we still love them… and we do not want to hurt them. Is this possible? Is the damage done? Has anyone else found themselves in this situation? I know that the right way to start in a Poly relationship would have been to have the understanding first… is it possible to do it after we have fallen in love???? I never in a million years thought that I would be I this situation. Both of our spouses are wonderful people… are we terrible for falling in love??? Are we just selfish?
Is there really enough love to go around?
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