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Old 11-11-2009, 07:43 AM
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Eh hey again, just wanna explain a bit yeah?

I'm new to this whole relationship thing. She's actually my first girlfriend and honestly I'm not used to the way such things works, I found a hell of a complicated person to fall for but everyone's complicated I guess, I'm glad we are together even with the complications or different views. I'm just dealing with the uncertainty of a new situation and trying to make both of us happy, well really not making her unhappy and coping with my own emotions in the process. I realize my emotions don't necessarily make sense but whatever, as far as I can tell emotion is void of logic. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice, if I run into anymore problems or need anymore explanation I'll be back. It's just a strange thing for me, explained as many times as it is it doesn't quite fit in my mind right. Thank you.
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