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Old 12-22-2011, 06:43 PM
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Default I've met someone...

... very special. I'll refer to her as "R". I attended, are you ready for this? A "cuddle" party.

Yes, I know. Martial arts, Firearms and Motorcycles don't exactly seem to fit the profile, but off I went. I truly do not know why, except that what I've been doing lately wasn't giving me the peace I've sought so I chose to do something completely different.

When the Invitation came in, I said Huh? But I was drawn to it, and decided to follow my heart on this one. I'm so very glad I did. It was a night of gentleness, love and profound kindness. No sex, but an intimacy of the soul for me was established with one particular woman. I don't know when I've been in the presence of such a powerful, gentle,spirit before. ( actually I do. Hi RP! ) What I do know is that I was able to let go of my masks and acts, the fear and grief and just went with my heart.

We met again last night for tea. And talked for hours. I find that being with her quiets my mind, and allows me to be present in the moment. She teaches tantric, is married, and Poly. I've met her husband who is also a very cool human being and I'll be having dinner with them next week.

I hope to grow this relationship with her, as she quiets my soul and inflames my passion. I think what surprised me most about that night though was that she also felt the connection, heart to heart. Being with R is like being a child again. Happy and playful.

Also that night I met 2 other women, very centered and powerful in their own right. They teach meditation and follow a path of spiritual openness. They took a chance and invited this guy (me) to join them at a special potluck/gathering they are having Dec 30.

I have so much to learn, but it would seem that the universe has my back.

6 months ago I was all fight, no quit. 2 weeks ago I was still at times blaming T for my pain. Today? Today I'm a different man. I cannot truly describe what's going on right now within me, but I am enjoying it.

I'll always be a child of the wild places, it is who I am. But I'm discovering that there may be more to this old wolf than I realized.
Freetime. All the time. Every time.
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