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Old 12-20-2011, 07:17 PM
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Default Not exactly happy

I feel stuck and don't know what I want anymore. I'm still living at home because I cant afford a place on my own and child support, and my husband, (who I don't sleep with) would have a hard time making the mortgage payments. Also I hate the idea of not seeing my daughter. I'm still in a vee with my BF and his GF. My BF says he wont tolerate another man in my life - he'll just walk. It's that simple.

On the one hand, the lopsidedness of all of this kind of drives me crazy. I know i would be a lot less jealous if I had someone else too. I'd have someone else to think about, something else to look forward to, someone to make happy when he's with her. On the other hand, I dont know how I would have enough time for another person, and getting into a relationship just to "balance things out" probably isnt a very good idea anyway. It should be because you really like that person. Besides, the average person would think all of this is pretty nuts to begin with, me living at home and having a boyfriend who has a girlfriend.

I still dont know how close is too close. At first I had kind of a morbid curiosity and wanted to hear everything about them -was his relationship with her like ours? Now hearing stuff is wearing me down, and its hard to have a normal conversation. When he calls in the morning he always asks me how my night was, what I did. But I can't really ask him the same thing unless I want to hear that she spent the night, it was great, she had four orgasms, was totally wild in bed. Or there's just this big awkward silence. I almost wish he wouldnt call during the week so I could stop thinking about it.

The other thing I hate is she often says she's breaking up with him, usually before I'm about to visit, and then he's all mad and depressed the whole time I'm there. I'm pretty sick of that.

All of this either makes me jealous, or I just feel like my feelings are slowly fading away to nothing -what does it even matter, anyway.

I would really like to hear from anyone in a vee about how they deal with some of this. Thanks.

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