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Old 12-20-2011, 04:11 PM
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Default Hello everyone (:

Hello everyone
My name is Lisa and I found this board through my boyfriend. We are being a couple for around 1 and a half year now and it's really nice with him, we talk a lot about everything upcoming problem, our thoughts, our feelings to others, our past, and so on. Of course, sometimes we do have a little fight but I think that's alright.. it just belongs to every relationship

I'm from Germany so please just ignore grammar mistakes, I'm trying as good as I can I'm 19 years old and about a month ago we started to talk about a polyamorous relationship. He suggested it after I already mentioned it a few weeks before, and so we thought together about it, discussed about it, and so on. One week ago we decided us for an open relationship with the possibility of equal relationships, which is as far as I know not exactly polyamorous where both partners do have the same third partner or maybe also a fourth. OF course you can correct me there.

After I was a little scared at the beginning of our decision and had to rethink it because I was scared I could lose him or be jealous about some girls again like I was at the very beginning of our relationship, because this feeling was the most ugliest I've ever had and I didn't want it to come back.
I'm pretty happy now with it and I think it's one of the best desicions someone can make in his life. I don't feel that constricted anymore (I didn't feel very constricted at our monogame relationship but it is just a completely different feeling, and I have to say until now it works quite well for me) but nevertheless we still love each other.

I just wanted to get that rid of me And I'd also like to hear your comments, especially how your relationships were back when you were 19.. (:

I also talked about my mother and my friends with that form of relationship, I think also my father knows about it.

Greetings to all of you

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