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Old 12-20-2011, 05:01 AM
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Default Unrequited love or unconsummated love

Hello Everyone!

So I started trying to ask some questions about this in introductions, but I guess I think I should bring it up in here so I can get more feedback and discussion. I am finding it therapeutic just typing these thoughts anyway.

I am not new to the idea of polyamory, just new to the practice of it. I am head over heals in love with my husband Mike and one lovely gentleman who I will call Artist. I am in a very open and strong dynamic friendship with Artist and have just recently breached the topic of polyamory. Natually, there are some immediate misconceptions with the word (swinger, casual sex, etc) that are absolutely fine for consenting adults, but I don't think really define polyamory or myself.

So I've cleared the air about what polyamory means to me: the ability to experience romantic love for more than one person. Artist states that he believes that he has this ability as well but that he doesn't believe that nonmanogamy work with his principals in life. So I have to respect the boundaries of a man I love, right? But was that a boundary? Would it be a breach of this boundary to attempt to discuss nonmanogamy further?

I haven't told him that I love him. I'm almost sure that he would describe his own feelings for me in the same way. Do I even need to state the obvious? If our friendship is to stay in this state of mutual love and enjoyment in a more platonic arena, would me sharing my not so platinic feelings for him be a breach of the friendship code? By him saying that he is able to love more than one person and his very loving friendship behavior is he also saying that more is possible between us?

If I knew for sure that there was no hope at all of us ever going to the next level I would abandon the idea. I am so happy to have such a beautiful friendship with someone so intelligent and stimulating. Should I just leave it at that?

I would appreciate any and all feedback! Thank you for reading this!
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