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Old 12-09-2011, 08:02 PM
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Thanks for your insights, nycindie and Annabel!

I talked about this with JJ today and it turns out we actually had some miscommunication that last time we were out. Probably due to drinking he responded quite differently to my questions then than now when he's sober and thinking clearly. He said he wouldn't have gone with that drama queen and that he actually has some "standards" who he is going to sleep with. He said he would like to know the person a bit before having sex.

I don't really care whether I've met the person myself before they have sex. I just want him to use his best judgement when choosing sex partners. Now I feel better knowing he actually does think about these things more than I thought. And he also said he has his own reputation to think about, too, not just mine/ours. This could affect his job so he doesn't want to be too out either.

To top it off, he said he would rather have a girlfriend or a fwb than several one night stands. That's a relief, because that's what I'd prefer, too. I really like the idea of him having a girlfriend. The problem at the moment is location though. We're leaving this town in 9 months, so that's going to be a challenge if he wants to find someone now..
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