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Old 12-06-2011, 05:42 AM
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Default Video Gaming.. and your entertainment..

Anyone else play video games around here? My husband and I have managed to convert my OSO into a bass guitarist on Rockband (OSO never played Rockband prior, only seen us or others do so).. before it was just the hubby and I playing, hubby on guitar, and myself on drums.. boy do the points rack up now with three of us playing together.

Incidently, in real life, I am/was a real guitarist until my carpel tunnel came along and made it difficult, so I took up the drums to satisfy my music creating/playing obsession. And my hubby, he is hearing impaired due to being born that way, he uses hearing aids or we sign to talk.. he does so well bc rb has the visual cues ofcourse, but he couldnt play otherwise due to his hearing being an issue in RL.

Our kids are now grown, the oldest a girl who is 20, and the youngest a boy, who is just 18. It was always them playing video games when they were little.. now I get comments from them that since they moved out we are now "weird" bc we play video games and act like a bunch of kids... I keep telling her this is my 2nd childhood and so I am going to enjoy it to its fullest! My son is at the point he refuses to play mortal kombat or tekken w me bc I have gotten even better at it than him and it frustrated him cause he says I kick his arse all over the game and he feels like he cant defend "himself" in the game... I get stuck playing the "computer" most of the time cause my hubby and OSO refuse to play those games with me too for the same reason. LOL

What kinds of things do you do to entertain yourselves during down time?
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Old 12-06-2011, 06:23 AM
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Originally Posted by calypsoblu View Post
What kinds of things do you do to entertain yourselves during down time?
Hi and welcome!

There is already a fairly long thread about what people do for fun. Maybe this should be moved there: Hobbies
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Old 12-06-2011, 07:03 AM
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I'm both a musician and gamer too. I'm as old as your children. =P My dad was actually the one to get ME into computer games. One of the early adopters of a PC he was. Strangely, he got me into music in a way too. At least performing music. I had more my mother's taste at a young age. =]

I build my own PC from bottom up as an audio recording machine, but it has proven to be amazing for gaming too. Which has subsequently had me move from console, to playing games on PC almost entirely.

I wanted to be a computer game designer when I was younger. Ended up in music instead.

I think music and gaming are quite obviously big parts of my life! =P

I also enjoy art. Sketching is my most favoured style to use. Digital painting my favourite to look at. I enjoy webcomics a lot. I collect blades. I love swords, especially. I study science in my "spare time". I say that, because all my time is technically spare time right now. But, when I'm not gaming and playing music, I'm most often reading up on scientific theory. =]

There are a lot of things I enjoy.
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